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Printable PET Film

Printable PET Film

We are a quality-driven Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Printable PET Film. Texture hardcoated Polyester (PET) film is one side velvet or fine velvet coated,the other side is glossy for UV or normal ink printing,equivalent to Autotex F150,F200,V150,V200 etc. The texture coated side can be removed with a special liquor back into a transparent window.This film is generally used for membrane switch.

We provide below texture coated PET items :

  • A150,A200--Economical IML grade  
  • F150,F200,V150,V200--IMD grade
  • Brush coated--To make panel more metal like.

Meanwhile,we also supply opaque white PET film and heat stablized transparent PET film with corona treatment,suitable for solar cell backsheet(TPT),label printing,membrane switch etc.

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Model Material Haze Width Light Transmittance Thickness Note
A135 PET 30.10% 610mm 92.50% 135micron velvet HC/Gloss
IML grade
A150 PET 33.80% 610mm 91.60% 150micron
A200 PET 36.70% 610mm 91.80% 200micron
V-150T PET 61.80% 1000mm 91.10% 150micron velvet HC

Autotex equivalent
IMD grade
V-150W PET 71.60% 1000mm 91.10% 150micron
V-200T PET 63.70% 1000mm 90.90% 200micron
V-200W PET 94.50% 1000mm 90.90% 200micron
F150-T PET 61.80% 1000mm 91.00% 150micron Fine velvet surface
Autotex equivalent
IMD grade
F150-W PET 84.20% 1000mm 91.70% 150micron
F200-T PET 63.70% 1000mm 90.70% 200micron
F200-W PET 95.10% 1000mm 91.00% 200micron
CY11 Opaque white
1000mm <10% 0.1 0.15 0.188 0.25 0.35mm Surface tension >50 dyne
6027D Clear PET 1000mm 90.00% 0.1,0.125,0.15,0.175,0.25mm

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