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Conductive Films

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Conductive Films including ITO Conductive Films and Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film. Both Conductive Films are optical transparent conductive film, which is used for transparent electrode (sensors), EMI shielding, solar cell(DSC,OPV), LCD, LED glass etc.. For more details please click on the links given below


Anti-glare shielding film

Physical property parameters




1、Physical Parameter

WSLDM85B electromagnetic shielding film is produced by silk screen and laminated technology. It has high shielding efficiency and light transmittance. It can be easily applied to existing display screens and touch screens. The special structure treatment and scratch resistance function


AGNW Conductive Film

We have established a state-of-the-art warehouse facility and equipped it with the latest inventory control system. Thus, we can take care of seasonal supply, wholesale supply, and quick supply among others. Purchasers across N Yuejing Road(China) and other market places can get in touch with us for buying our product as per


Non-tearable Professional High Density Grey Bottom Inkjet Print Matte PP Coated

The main ingredients of the GP Synthetic Paper is Polypropylene Plastic, it's a green product, meet the standards of modern environmental requirements. PROCHEMA GP Synthetic Paper is PP film based, both sides coated with white printing coating in a matte surface. 

It's made up of PP Synthetic Paper upgrade of


Outdoor Membrane Switch Digital Printing Film for Control Panel

The coating significantly enhances the chemical resistance and the flex life of the base film thus extending the functionality of polyester film into areas demanding high abrasion resistance together with excellent receptivity to graphic inks. Film is optimised for a range of applications requiring a combination of high abrasion


Photo Printing Double Sided Printing PET Film for Advertising Printing

PET Film (also known as LED light box film, transparency film) is a kind of printing materials using special coating on PET to achieve printing features. Matte finish, can  be used as backlit & frontlit film, suitable for dye ink, solvent and eco-solvent.



Polyimide film 50mic base with surface white matte coated for printing, back side can be adhesive coated.applicable Widely used in electronic appliances and electromechanical industries, such as bar code labels, warning labels, nameplates, property and asset labels. Standard/quality control and product tracking


Winter Heat Reflective Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film

Electric heating film is a kind of translucent polyester film which can be heated after being energized. It based on Glass Fiber materials which is very stable in Thermal expansion and Cold Contraction ,so our heating Film has solved the attenuation problem which widely existing on other  Ink or Carbon Crystal heating film printed on


Printing Double-Sided White Coating PET Synthetic Paper
0.12mm laser printing pet synthetic paper

high temperature resistant pet synthetic paper is developed for fast laser printing. the base is bi-oriented polyester film ,both sides with a special white matte coating for excellent tune acception. this synthetic paper is also a very good choice for offset

Dog Cat Rays Radiant Heat Safety Heated Warmer Pet Bed Pad Self Warming Film

Feature of pet heated pad/film for reptile :

1.Speciallydesignb which use with pets only. They are suitable for use with reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, fish, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits etc.

2.Far infrared rays radiant heat.

3.Latest Technology incorporating carbon fibre – No broken heating


perfluorinated ion exchange membrane N4110
Electrolysis membrane , chlor-alkali membrane ,Perfluorinated ion exchange membrane N4110
Introduction :
N-41X is hybrided by high strength PTFE fabric and Perfluorinated ion exchange Resin. Thus our film has many outstanding features. It not only has the high tensile strength ,high selection,isotropy,high conductance;but also has the

ITO Conductive Film
We are a quality-committed Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of ITO Conductive Films. We offer a variety of ITO Conductive Films including ITO Conductive Film for EMI Shielding, ITO Conductive Film for Heating Pad, ITO Conductive Film for Advertising, ITO Conductive Film for LED Glass, ITO Conductive Film for PDLC Glass, ITO Conductive

Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film

Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film is a fine deposited copper mesh with nickel protective on optical BOPET substrate. Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film is a good combination of conductivity and transparency film for HF EMI/EMR shielding, for example the house window nearby radio station, TV tower, high voltage transformer, mobile


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