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Mianyang Prochema Commercial Co. Ltd.


Conductive Films

Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Conductive Films including ITO Conductive Films and Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film. Conductive Films are optical transparent conductive PET film, which is used for transparent electrode (sensors), EMI shielding, solar cell(DSC,OPV), LCD, LED glass etc.

Resistive Touch Screens

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Resistive Touch Screens. Under our range of Resistive Touch Screens, we offer Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen and Flexible Resistive Touch Screen.

  • Flexible Resistive Touch Screen

    We are a technology-driven organization engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying Flexible Resistive Touch Screen. Flexible Resistive Touch Screen is super thin Resistive touch screen of size 3-17”.

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    Flexible Resistive Touch Screen

  • Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen

    We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen. Our Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen has excellent optical performance, transparency, and durability.

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    Unbreakable Resistive Touch Screen

Switchable PDLC Films

We introduce revolutionary Switchable PDLC Films. Switchable PDLC Films can be applied on the glass windows and doors of hotel, building exterior, department store, restaurant, show window, conference room for privacy.

  • Non-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film

    To well protect the PDLC film and let it long time working, especially for environment with much moisture, we suggest customer use Non-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film to be sandwich laminated between 2 glasses.

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    Non-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film

  • Self-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film
    Self-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film (polymer-dispersed liquid crystal) is a combined product of two layers of transparent conductive film (ITO). With polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) material inside, through the function of electric fields, Self-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film can make the

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    Self-Adhesive Switchable PDLC Film

Printable Plastic Films

We are a trustworthy manufacture, Supplier and Exporter of Printable Plastic Films. Under oue range , we offer Printable PET Film and Printable Polycarbonate Film. We offer Printable Plastic Films in different thickness and surface texture, to cater diverse demands of the clients.

Flame Retardant Films

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Flame Retardant Films. We offer three types of Flame Retardant Films such as Flame Retardant PET Film, Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film, and Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film.

  • Flame Retardant PET Film
    Flame Retardant PET Film has excellent electrical insulation property. We supply VTM-0 or V0 Flame Retardant PET Film UL approved, and HALOGEN FREE tested by SGS. Flame Retardant PET Film comes with excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability at ambient

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    Flame Retardant PET Film

  • Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

    We bring forth halogen free Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film. Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film offers excellent physical properties, heat, and chemical resistance. Along with this, Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film has high tensile strength and durable.

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    Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

  • Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film

    Our valued customers can avail from us halogen free Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film. Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film is transparent polycarbonate film having excellent weathering & impact resistance and stability in ambient temperature.

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    Flame Retardant Polypropylene Film

  • Flexible Electric Heating Infrared Heating Film Technology

    Color : black

    Function : Floor Heating Systerm

    Feature : Eco-Friendly

    After-sale Service : Online technical support, NONE

    Design Style : Modern

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    Flexible Electric Heating Infrared Heating Film Technology

Fluorine Products

We are a trustworthy Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Fluorine Products including FEP Sheets, FEP Films, PFA Films, PFA Sheets, PFA Rods, PFA Strips and many others. Fluorine Products have excellent chemical resistance, electrical properties along with good weathering resistance.

  • FEP Heat Shrink Tubes

    We offer a wide gamut of FEP Heat Shrink Tubes that is fabricated using high quality material and appreciated for durability. These FEP Heat Shrink Tubes are widely applied in office machinery, paper machinery, printing machinery, printing presses, insulated jacket, etc.

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    FEP Heat Shrink Tubes

  • FEP Sheets

    FEP Sheets is made from FEP resin and prepared by the technology of molding. FEP Sheets can be used as sealing part, wear-resistant component and electric component under the condition of high frequency and corrosive media at the temperature of -180 through +200.

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    FEP Sheets

  • PFA Films

    PFA Films are made from PFA resin and prepared by the technology of thermoplastic extrusion and blowing. PFA Films have non-sticking, heat-resistance, aging resistance, corrosive resistance, non-flammability and good electric property.

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    PFA Films

  • PFA Rods
    PFA Rods that we provide are manufactured using superior grade PFA material and are highly valued for their features like excellent chemical resistance, high resistance to weather and UV stability. These PFA Rods have superior non-stick properties and good optical

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    PFA Rods

  • PFA Sheets

    Manufactured using high-grade PFA material, our PFA Sheets are widely appreciated by the clients owing to their attributes like excellent chemical resistance, high resistance to weather, optical transparency, etc.

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    PFA Sheets

  • PFA Strips

    Our excellent quality PFA Strips are mainly used to be made into Antisepsis, sealing, Antifriction and electric insulation parts. These PFA Strips are 2 to 20 mm x L200MM in specification with 25 to 100mm diameter and 100-200mm length.

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    PFA Strips

  • PFA Transparent Tubes

    We are providing excellent quality PFA Transparent Tubes that are manufactured using high-grade materials.

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    PFA Transparent Tubes

Military Rugged LCD Display

We offer an extensive array of Military Rugged LCD Display that includes General Rugged Airborne Display Module etc.

  • General Rugged Airborne Display Module
    Our wide range of General Rugged Airborne Display Module includes LD1024.768_104_040_B1500, LD1024.768_120_030_B1500, LD480.480_034_004_B800, LD640.480_065_15_B1500 and LD600.600_071_15_B1000.

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    General Rugged Airborne Display Module

  • Airborne Intelligent Display
    Airborne Intelligent Display, provided by us, is a 15 inch tactical rugged display that recieves all kinds of signal such as computer control signal, wave signal, radar video signal and sync signal, carries on the decoding process and generate the corresponding display screen image, at the same

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    Airborne Intelligent Display

  • Head-Up Display

    Head-Up Display that we offer is a transparent display that is provides accurate data to the user without requiring the users to look away from their usual viewpoints. Clarity of image and accurate results are the chief objective of our Head-Up Display.

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    Head-Up Display

Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD

We are offering an extensive range of Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD that includes Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL20_1280.1024), Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL17_1280.1024) and Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL15_1024.768).

  • Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL15_1024.768)
    Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL15_1024.768) that we offer is a 15-inch rugged LCD designed for military application. Its wide temperature operating range (-10 ~ 60) , brightness (250cd), a variety of signal switching input forms providing up to four installation forms in one, including

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    Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL15_1024.768)

  • Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL17_1280.1024)
    Our Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL17_1280.1024) model is a 17-inch rugged LCD using military grade reinforced wide temperature LCD panel. Its performance has been highly appreciated by a number of research institutes and is also available to meet client’s special requirements

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    Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL17_1280.1024)

  • Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL20_1280.1024)
    Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL20_1280.1024) that we offer is designed specifically for the special communication control, dispatching, mobile vehicle and other purposes. Its 4:3 square screen display ratio make the display screen and the actual effect clear & closer while

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    Rugged Vehicular and Shipboard LCD (RL20_1280.1024)

Polyimide Labels

Backed by efficient logistics team, we make deliveries of the goods in the set time span. We ensure that the products will remain in a safe condition and for this; we have hired experts who keep a strict vigilance on the entire unit. Moreover, our unit is timely upgraded ensuring more safety.

  • Polyimide Labels (500C Hang Tag)
    The high temperature label material RX-002-Ultra is PI film with high temperature resistance coatings on surface could be adapted in high temperature areas,espcially for hot steel hang tag & bar code. Physical Prosperities : Color - Matte White Thickness - 150 micron Anti-shock strength - 2.4

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    Polyimide Labels (500C Hang Tag)

  • Polyimide Labels (350C)

    PCB and Steel industries need a high temperature label for each product; our high temperature Polyimide Labels is just the solution. The white coated surface on Polyimide Labels (Dupont Kapton) is suitable for UV printing and thermal transfer ribbon printing.

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    Polyimide Labels (350C)

Other Products

  • Capacitive Touch Keys
    We bring forth quality Capacitive Touch Keys. These Capacitive Touch Keys are produced from ITO film or ITO glass fine etched into buttons, all buttons and out lead traces are transparent. Capacitive Touch Keys are suitable for Calculator, rice cooker, soybean milk machine

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    Capacitive Touch Keys

  • Switchable PDLC Glass

    We provide complete Switchable PDLC Glass with already made bus bar, customers just directly install to where they wanted. Switchable PDLC Glass has longer life than self-adhesive, since the switchable film is well protected by glass.

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    Switchable PDLC Glass

  • Solar Films

    With vacuum magnetic sputtering technology, we offer metal and ceramic sputtered Solar Films for car window and building glass. Solar Films offer high UV block and heat block, energy saving while prevent people in car or stuffs in house hurt by UV ray.

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    Solar Films

  • Perfluorinated Ion Exchange Membrane
    Perfluorinated Ion Exchange Membrane, offered by us, is made from SiO2 and Perfluorinated ion exchange resin by method of new tape-casting. The Perfluorinated Ion Exchange Membrane has very strong tensile strength, high conductive ratio, good chemical properties, etc., for which it is highly

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    Perfluorinated Ion Exchange Membrane

  • PVDF Piezoelectric Films
    PVDF Piezoelectric Films that we provide has the unique effects of the dielectric, piezoelectric and also a thermoelectric effect. Our PVDF Piezoelectric Films are highly efficient as compared with the conventional piezoelectric materials with wide frequency response, dynamic range, high

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    PVDF Piezoelectric Films