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Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film

Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film

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Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film is a fine deposited copper mesh with nickel protective on optical BOPET substrate. Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film is a good combination of conductivity and transparency film for HF EMI/EMR shielding, for example the house window nearby radio station, TV tower, high voltage transformer, mobile phone tower, etc. Metal Mesh PET Conductive Film has an excellent EMI shielding material in hospital, military and machine houses. We also can with this technology to make more durable capacitive touch keys pattern as per customer design.

Structure :

  • Protective film
  • EMI Shielding layer
  • Adhesive
  • Release layer

Features :

  • Conductive layer flexible and durable,
  • Surface resistance and basic PET thickness customized available,
  • Conductive side hard coating available
  • RoHS certificated

Application : Confidential meeting room, computer room, hospital, display windows, EMI shielding

Specifications :

  • Width 550mm100m/rolls in form 550×1050mm conductive area
  • Copper line width : 30um, line distance : 300um

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Item Value Remarks
Basic thickness 75~100μm Thickness tester
VLT ≥80% Haze tester
Adhesion strengthn 500~1500gf/25mm To glass
Adhesion between PET and conductive layer Grade 2 GB-9286-88
Shielding 30MHz - 60dB, 100MHz - 51dB, 200MHz - 45dB, 500MHz - 42dB, 1000MHz - 37dB Based on SJ 20524-1995 Electronics military standard, tested by PLA(People Republic Army)

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